Amateur Radio Technician Course starting March 15th

Amateur Radio Technician Course – March 15(in person at the EOC), 22(Virtual), 29(Virtual), & April 5(in person at the EOC) 10:00a – 12:00p

This course is aimed at members new to radio communications who are interested in obtaining their technician license. This is not a CERT requirement but is something we would like to offer to our members as a way to bridge the gap with critical auxiliary communications. This course will be over 4 weeks with 1 meeting per week for two hours. You need to have access to a laptop or iPad to bring with you to the in person classes as we will utilize an online platform for studying and testing purposes. This class will offer guidance and help from instructors but also require some self-studying outside of the meetings.

Signing up for the available date will sign you up for the full four classes.

Signup for the Amateur Radio Technician Course Here: