CCFLARES Meeting Via Zoom (not at Perkins) 7pm & Don’t forget Winlink Tues

Yup…It’s time for another CCFLARES Meeting Monday on Zoom Only at 7PM, June 20, 2022.

Please join us. We have lots to discuss with Hurricane Season Upon Us and Field Day next weekend.

(Zoom Invite Link below)

Also please take the time to do the Tuesday Winlink Drill.  That will be our main way of communicating logistics, getting and moving resources in an emergency. Invite Below

If you are not able to do Winlink using Telnet or your Radio please let me know we will get you some help.

Cheers, Duwain W8JJV

ZOOM MEETING INFO *****************************************

Join Zoom Meeting:

 Tom Chance is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

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 Password: 492914

Meeting ID: 974 3350 7152

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Hello Fellow WinLink Users!
Over the past five weeks or so, we’ve exercised with the ICS Forms that you’d be most likely to use in a disaster response.
For this Tuesday Exercise we’ll use the “basic” Radiogram Form

*Please launch your Winlink program. Open a New Message and address it to KG9B; N4CCF
*Then click Select Template
*Click on the + in front of Standard Templates
*Click on the + in front of IARU Forms
*Double-click on IARU Message Form.txt The Form will open.
*Fill it out as you see fit. In the TO box, please enter Joe Glinski (you don’t need to add address information for this exercise — but note that you should always include the recipient’s full address, phone number and/or e-mail address. That way your message could be delivered via phone or e-mail or “snail mail” as the “handling amateur” saw fit.)
*When finished, click the Submit button. Close the “blank window” that appears.
*Then send the message on its way per your usual practice.
Thanks, in advance, for participating in this Tuesday WinLink Exercise.
Joe, KG9B